Annual Meetings

One of the most important Events is our annual Meeting. In Doing so, we exchange views on various technical Topics. In addition to purely technical Topics of practical and clinical medicine, questions of Health Policy, the Structure and Organisation of The respective Health Care system and the training Of physicians are always on the Agenda. In addition to the professional Exchange, the three-day Meetings are always an Occasion to get to know a German or English city through Visits and Lectures.

In some Cases, many Friendships have developed from regular meetings beyond professional Encounters. The German-English Medical Association sees itself as a Forum that wants to build Bridges between the Countries. Our common Subject, medicine, Is a good Foundation for these Bridges.

The Development of recent Years in the German Labour market for Physicians has almost unexpectedly given the German-English Medical Association a new Aspect. A growing Number of young German Doctors tried to find an Entry Into the medical Career in England. In The meantime, however, the Labour Market Situation in The UK has also deteriorated significantly.

Annual Meeting 2019:

To our Annual Meeting 2019
AGMS 2019 ANNUAL Meeting

Our Annual Meetings so far:

2018 Annual Meeting in Paignton-Torquay

2018 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting in Dusseldorf

AIMS members with düsselddorf Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel

2016 Annual Meeting in Leeds

Thanks to the excellent Organizational Committee, the “speaker” and all Participants, we can look back on a successful scientific Annual Meeting, in which the social Contacts (New German = networking) were also not neglected. Click here to go to The Event page

Other annual Meetings to date

2015 Zurich
2014 Berlin
2013 Cheltenham 2
012 Aachen 2
011 Durham 2
010 Bonn 20
09 York 20
08 Cologne
2007 Newcastle
2006 Nuremberg
2005 Brighton

Our next Annual Meetings will be as follows:

2020 Newcastle
2021 Frankfurt
2022 London
2023 Munich
2024 Stratfort-upon-Avon
2025 Berlin

Information on this will follow.